Emergency Medical Identification is essential in the case of an emergency where you cannot speak for yourself.

An identification tag that ensures all your essential information is at hand and accessible to first responders will ensure that you receive appropriate treatment and that your ICE contacts are notified immediately.


Will your first responder know?

  • Your name
  • What hospital to take you to  (private / public)
  • Your emergency (ICE) contacts
  • Your medical aid details
  • Special care needed due to a medical condition

Who should have
an ER Tag?

  • Persons with medical conditions, disabilities, chronic medication and allergies who need specialised care
  • Elderly people & young children, to assist with identification & provide contact details
  • Outdoor sport enthusiasts, the healthy and adventurous
  • Travelers for business or leisure, to have safety and medical information at hand
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All our tags are laser engraved with your personalised information

Ensure that your essential information is available
at all times

Why use our emergency medical ID tags


Best quality, strong silicone straps with stainless steel tags & clasps


Curved tags with soft feel silicone straps that match skin temperature in minutes


A variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit every need


You can easily update your details or look with a replacement part


A medical emblem can be added to most of our products to alert anyone about your medical conditions


All our products are available online and will be delivered to your doorstep

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Increase your visibility and prevent accidents:  this is extremely important for motorcyclists, cyclists and persons in occupations where hazardous situations are created by moving vehicles or low lighting conditions.

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