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At ER Tags we have made it our mission to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of the Emergency ID Tag as a vital tool in any emergency situation.  Emergency ID Tags reflect immediate health status which should result in prompt and precise treatment and response.

By offering an innovative accessory with crucial health & personal information as activewear adds peace of mind for general safety and medical care.

We encourage Physicians, Healthcare Organizations, Paramedics, Medical Schemes, Schools, Adventurous Sport Enthusiasts and Sport Clubs to become role players to help sustain, improve and support the concept of wearing your “Health status’ as a Lifesaver.

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What is an ER Tag

It’s ME, my ID!

Our Emergency ID Tags, Medical ID or Medical Bracelets are the latest development and add-on item to any sport, adventure or lifestyle activity.  These tags are extremely popular in all parts of the world and worn by high profile Olympic Athletes making a new fashion statement with modern sport outfits and active wear.

Most of all, the ER Tag is a lifesaver and in the case of an emergency makes life easier for the first responder, doctor or paramedic with your assessment & treatment.

Much time was spent on research for the best quality silicone straps that have a soft feel and is made of a very strong, unique silicone that matches skin temperatures in minutes.  This makes the strap feel virtually invisible allows for participation in any activity with a strap on, as comfortable as without it.

The actual tag for all the ID Information is made of stainless steel and curved to fit the wrist perfectly. There are a few tag options depending on the width and choice of the strap.  All styles have an excellent feel of quality and are laser engraved with one of the world’s best laser machines to mark it permanently but discretely.

Why use our ER Tags?


Best quality, strong silicone straps with stainless steel tags & clasps


Curved tags with soft feel silicone straps that match skin temperature in minutes


A variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit every need


You can easily update your details or look with a replacement part


A medical emblem can be added to most of our products to alert anyone about your medical conditions


All our products are available online and will be delivered to your doorstep

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