Smaller Slimline Bracelet

The SLIMLINE Bracelet is our LATEST innovative stylish item for ladies (and children) in South Africa.

The name speaks for itself. It has been designed with the active lady in mind. Although this bracelet is still new to us, this one might hit the POPULARITY chart amongst the women and children, but also for men who is particular about a bracelet. It looks very good, is simple, light and much smaller, but still has a SUPERIOR ergonomic feel . With this bracelet you’ll make a lifestyle statement and wear it 24/7.

The Strap:
The strap is made of a unique very strong ULTRA silicone, 10mm wide and available in different colours. The strap closes like a watch strap and is fully adjustable to fit a child up to an adult. The strap can be cut to size with adding an extra hole to fit the smaller person. It is skin friendly, incredibly comfortable and makes it easy to wear as a sport accessory. The silicone matches body temperature in less than three minutes.

The Tag is made of stainless steel and has two sides for engraving. The Stainless steel is polished and secures permanent engraving with high definition.

The TAG is plain on both sides and curved to fit the wrist very comfortable. The engraving area is 9 x 24mm on each side, with four (4) lines at least per side for engraving. Medical Info can be added on the outside with the personal data on the inside of the Tag.
Remember the TAG is the most important part of any EMERGENCY ID Bracelet and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis. All parts of the bracelet can be ordered separately.

Laser Engraving on all stainless steel products is dark brown to black.

The SLIMLINE Bracelet is only sold as a UNIT.

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