ER Tags Premier Bracelet – Tag only

R166.00 incl VAT

The Tag is made of stainless steel and fits to the strap. The Stainless steel is polished and secures permanent engraving with high definition.  There are two TAG options to choose from. It gives you the choice to choose a PLAIN Tag for all your Personal ID Information; or the option to choose a MEDICAL Tag which includes the Personal Info but also the important medical history. Remember the TAG is the most important part of the EMERGENCY ID Bracelet and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis.

Provide personalisation details for up to 7 lines of personalisation
Please ensure that your information is entered correctly as it will be engraved accordingly

Select your preference for a swag tag should you wish to add one to your bracelet

Please indicate n/a if no allergies should be listed.

Please indicate n/a if no medication should be listed.

Specifying your medical condition is important. Please indicate n/a if no medical condition should be listed.