Premium Bracelet – Tag A

Smaller Premium Bracelet

The Premium Bracelet is NOW available in South Africa.

It is very popular and well known in the rest of the world amongst high performance Athletes and Extreme Sportsman. It looks good, feels good and has a SUPERIOR ergonomic feel with customised ID Information.

The Strap:
The strap is made of a unique very strong ULTRA silicone, 20mm wide and available in different colours. The strap is fully adjustable to fit a child up to an adult. The strap can be cut to size , it is incredible comfortable and fashion forward to enhance any lifestyle. The silicone matches body temperature in less than three minutes.

The Tag is made of stainless steel and fits to the strap. The Stainless steel is polished and secures permanent engraving with high definition.
There are two TAG options to choose from. It gives you the choice to choose a PLAIN Tag for all your Personal ID Information; or the option to choose a MEDICAL Tag which includes the Personal Info but also the important medical history. Remember the TAG is the most important part of the EMERGENCY ID Bracelet and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis. All parts of the bracelet can be ordered separately.

ENGRAVING AREA: Laser Engraving on all stainless steel products colours dark brown to black.

PLAIN Tag: seven(7) lines

MEDICAL Tag: Medic Alert Logo + seven(7) lines. Special AREA for crucial medical history.

The CLASP: The clasp is made of polished stainless steel which makes the complete look very stylish. It is also slightly curved to fit the shape of the wrist and secure comfy fit. The clasp snaps tightly to the silicone ends and endures rough handling during extreme sports, weather or accidents.



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