• Your name
  • What hospital to take you to (private/public)
  • Your emergency (ICE) contacts
  • Your medical aid details
  • Special care needed due to a medical condition


  • ELDERLY people & young CHILDREN, to assist with identification & provide contact details
  • Outdoor SPORT ENTHUSIASTS, the healthy and adventurous
  • TRAVELERS for business or leisure, to have safety and medical information at hand

Emergency Response

Because your life matters we made this our mission

At ER Tags we have made it our mission to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of the Emergency Response Tag as a vital tool in any emergency situation.  Emergency Response Tags reflect immediate health status which should result in prompt and precise treatment and response.

By offering an innovative accessory with crucial health & personal information as active wear adds peace of mind for general safety and medical care.

We encourage Physicians, Healthcare Organizations, Paramedics, Medical Schemes, Schools, Adventurous Sport Enthusiasts and Sport Clubs to become role players to help sustain, improve, and support the concept of wearing your “Health status’ as your own Lifesaver.

Why use our ER Tags?


Best quality, strong silicone straps with stainless steel tags & clasps


Curved tags with soft feel silicone straps that match skin temperature in minutes


A variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit every need


You can easily update your details or look with a replacement part


A medical emblem can be added to most of our products to alert anyone about your medical conditions


All our products are available online and will be delivered to your doorstep

Best Sellers

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Emergency Tags & Capsules

Army Style ID Necklace

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Emergency Bracelets

ER Tags Ring Band

R200.00 incl VAT

Emergency Tags & Capsules

ID Capsule with Screw Lid

R135.00 incl VAT

Have your essential information ready!

Emergency Medical Assistance for Diabetes


Emergency Medical Assistance for Allergies


Emergency Medical Assistance for Epilepsy


Emergency Medical Assistance for Asthma


Emergency Tag



ER Tags Autism

AUTISM Spectrum Syndrome is a neuro-developmental disorder associated with symptoms that include “persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts” and “restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities.” (DSM 5)

Autism is not a Behavioral Disorder. While children with autism do display behaviors that can be confusing, concerning, and even disruptive, the basis of these behaviors is a neuro-developmental difference. Understanding Autism. When the challenges of autism are understood and appropriately addressed, and the autistic individual is accepted for who they are, their potential is no less than any other person.

Autism MYTHS & FACTS. Do not think that children with autism cannot love or be loved with the same degree of warmth and intimacy as others. This is a false myth. (www.ICDL.com for more information)
ER Tags has a SPECIALLY designed a Green TAG for Autism that fits alongside a Stainless steel Tag with the basic information to get hold of a parent / next of kin / school in any emergency situation.

Adventure medical emergency tag

In the thrilling world of adventure and sports, safety comes first, and that’s where ER Tags steps in. Our specially designed Emergency ID Tags are the perfect companion for adrenaline seekers and sports enthusiasts. These tags ensure that you can pursue your passions fearlessly, knowing that your crucial health information is readily available to first responders in any emergency.

But the impact of ER Tags goes beyond the sports realm. Even Paralympic athletes have embraced these lifesaving accessories. With ER Tags by their side, they compete with confidence, knowing that their health status is just a glance away for medical professionals, enabling quick and precise care if needed.

Embrace your passions, push boundaries, and explore the world, all with the peace of mind that comes from having your essential health information securely by your side.


ER TAGS, South Africa supports saving lives as an Organ Donor. ER TAGS South Africa supports any client, and supplies Medical Bracelets to persons who wish to prenounce their participation in donating solid Organs or Tissue.

Please place your ORGAN DONOR Order with ER Tags South Africa as our bracelets have
the most important current information on the tag so that medical decisions will be taken swiftly, and interventene immediately.

In any traumatic situation the Golden Hour is the time medical response & treatment need high priority.

Minutes matter to save Lives!


For more information about Organ Donations contact:
0800 22 66 11 (Toll Free)

Medical tag for Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s Disease(AD) is the most common type of Dementia. It is a progressive disease beginning with loss of memory, familiar words / names, direction and/or surroundings.

Alzheimer’s Disease involves parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. The usual onset effects people older that 65 years, but could start earlier. Over time this condition can cause Dementia with even further decline in memory, thinking, behaviour and social skills. These symptoms have a huge effect on their daily life and functionality.

Concerns are high when a person with AD find themselves in unfamiliar or stressful traumatic situations. Who will know about their condition and how will they manage the person with AD? ER TAGS South Africa has designed a SPECIAL TAG for the person with AD. We make use the Ring band bracelet, a purple ALZHEIMER tag along with a Stainless steel tag with enough space to add contact details of a familiar person / Next of Kin.

Our aim is : Peace of Mind.
The Medical bracelet will be the voice of the AD person in any traumatic or unfamiliar situation.

ER Tag Collaborators

We take hands to change the outcome of medical emergencies


051 444 2311

East Burger Street

051 430 4487

Autism SA

011 484 9909