Premier Bracelet – Replacement Tag

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The Tag is made of stainless steel and fits to the strap. The Stainless steel is polished and secures permanent engraving with high definition.
There are two TAG options to choose from. It gives you the choice to choose a PLAIN Tag for all your Personal ID Information; or the option to choose a MEDICAL Tag which includes the Personal Info but also the important medical history. Remember the TAG is the most important part of the EMERGENCY ID Bracelet and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis.

Personalise your tag here

Type of Tag

Select the Tag type.
We recommend the logo versions as it might help recognition in an emergency situation

Name & Surname

Your Cellphone Number

Medical Aid

Medical Aid Number

Medical Condition

Enter any medical conditions that are applicable in an emergency situation. You information are handled with strict confidentiality and privacy. We will never share your information.


Enter allergies if applicable


Add medication information that will be applicable in an emergency situation

Emergency Contact Person

Emergency Contact Number

Helmet Sticker

Use this details for other order items

You don’t need to enter your personal information again if you check this box. Just leave all fields blank on the other items, we will use this data.

3 reviews for Premier Bracelet – Replacement Tag

  1. Attie

    Love the new bracelets

  2. Attie

    Nice bracelets

  3. Adrienne Bradshaw (verified owner)

    Very nice bracelet. Definitely one of the nicest and most affordable ones available. Good quality, nice options to choose from. I personally like the silver tag but my husband loves the black. Received lots of complements.Very practical, my Dr said this tag is the best he has seen. It is a chunky bracelet so great for men, some woman may feel it’s a little too chunky in which case the slim bracelet is better. But definitely nice to have especially if you are sporty.

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