Jewellery Slim Bracelet


Personalised with your emergency contact (ICE) and medical information

Fastened with a clasp, works for any wrist size

What conditions, Allergies or Medication to enter?

There is only limited space available on the bracelet and only the most important information that can save your live is to be put on the tag. If unsure, please talk to your health care provider. Remember that a hospital will get your file with your complete history. Your tag ‘s main purpose is to identify, give ICE information, and inform of any existing condition, allergies or medication

We can engrave on the inside/bottom of the tag with confidential information such as HIV status. Speak directly to us should this be the case. We take every measure possible to keep your medical information confidential.

Personalise your bracelet here

Name & Surname

Your Cellphone Number

Medical Aid

Medical Aid Number

Medical Condition

Enter any medical conditions that are applicable in an emergency situation. You information are handled with strict confidentiality and privacy. We will never share your information.


Enter allergies if applicable


Add medication information that will be applicable in an emergency situation

Emergency Contact Person

Emergency Contact Number

Helmet Sticker

Use this details for other order items

You don’t need to enter your personal information again if you check this box. Just leave all fields blank on the other items, we will use this data.


The Emergency Medical Jewellery Slim Bracelet is our latest innovative stylish item for ladies in South Africa.

The name speaks for itself. It has been designed with the style conscious person in mind. It looks very good, is elegant, light, but still has a SUPERIOR ergonomic feel . With this bracelet you’ll make a lifestyle statement and wear it 24/7.

The strap is 10mm wide. It closes with a clasp and is fully adjustable to fit any wrist. It is skin friendly, incredibly comfortable and is easy to wear as a fashion accessory.

The TAG is black and curved to fit the wrist very comfortably. The engraving area is big enough for three (3) lines of text. Medical and Emergency contact Information can be added

Remember the TAG is the most important part of any EMERGENCY MEDICAL Bracelet and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis. All parts of the bracelet can be ordered separately.


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