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There is only limited space available on the tag and only the most important information that can save your live is to be put on the tag. If unsure, please talk to your health care provider. Remember that a hospital will get your file with your complete history. Your tag ‘s main purpose is to identify, give ICE information, and inform of any existing condition, allergies or medication

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Enter any medical conditions that are applicable in an emergency situation. You information are handled with strict confidentiality and privacy. We will never share your information.


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A SUPER ID Army style Dog tag is the most recognizable necklace, internationally coming from the Military world. This ONE IS DIFFERENT as it is printed on two sides and is coated with a resin to save the print. You can always count on this one with a familiar feel to it but a funky new look with the full colour prints.

The Super Tag is made of high quality Aluminium which is specially treated to enhance and allow full colour printing. This tag matches the old school military Dog tag size of, 32 x 52mm.

The Super tag is Printed on the one side with the EMERGENCY ID Tag symbol plus the ER24 logo as the standard design. On the reverse side the space for Printing is big enough for up to eight (8) lines for Personal & Medical information. Both sides of a tag is covered with a Special resin Coating to save the print and each tag has a silicone silencer.

Wearing a necklace for certain extreme sports are more comfortable as it is worn against the body. This one will always be POPULAR but is less visible than a bracelet. It looks very good, is simple and has great possibilities to enhance Personal or Medical info. Printed Dog tags are eye catching and makes a statement about safety & Lifestyle. You’ll wear it 24/7.

This is a set of two SUPER ID Dog tag which comes on a Ball chain.

Remember the Dog tag is the most important part of any EMERGENCY ID  and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis.

The SUPER ID DOG TAG parts can be ordered separately.


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