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Personalised with your emergency contact (ICE) and medical information

What conditions, Allergies or Medication to enter?

There is only limited space available on the bracelet and only the most important information that can save your live is to be put on the tag. If unsure, please talk to your health care provider. Remember that a hospital will get your file with your complete history. Your tag ‘s main purpose is to identify, give ICE information, and inform of any existing condition, allergies or medication

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The Emergency Medical Slimline Bracelet is the most familiar wristband in the world. It has already made a fashion statement amongst the Youth but has grown into a very popular ID bracelet.

We all know the name Silicone wristband – speaks for itself. It has been designed and initially developed as a Promotional product under cultural, youth, religious and political groups or as a safety measure for kids and NOW as a SPORT ID statement. This one will always be POPULAR because it is familiar and already accepted by the youth. It looks very good, is simple, light and much smaller than the Premium bracelet. With this bracelet you’ll make a lifestyle statement and wear it 24/7.

NOTE , this bracelet is not comparable to the Promotional Silicone wristband – this is an EMERGENCY ID standard bracelet with far better qualities.

The Strap:
The Silicone strap is made of high quality, super strong, ULTRA silicone. The width is 10mm and available in different colours and sizes. The strap is not adjustable, but must be ordered by size. It is skin friendly, incredible comfortable and makes it easy to wear as a sport accessory. The silicone matches body temperature in less than three minutes.

Strap sizes:

  • 180mm – Adult small (Ladies fit)
  • 202mm – Adult medium
  • 210mm – Adult Large +

The Tag is made of stainless steel and can only be engraved on the one side . The Stainless steel is polished and secures permanent engraving with high definition. The tag and different colour straps are interchangable.

The TAG is plain and curved to fit the wrist very comfortable. The engraving area is 9 x 24mm with four (4) lines at least for engraving. Personal data can easily fit into the engraving Area or this Tag can be used for the crucial Medical Info only. Your choice.

Remember the TAG is the most important part of any EMERGENCY ID Bracelet and it is imperative to keep information updated on a regular basis. All parts of the bracelet can be ordered separately.

Laser Engraving on all stainless steel products is dark brown to black.

The STANDARD ID Bracelet parts can be ordered separately.

2 reviews for Slimline Ring Band Bracelet

  1. Hank (verified owner)

    Great service great product very happy

    • Nicolien Combrinck

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback. It is much appreciated.
      ER TAGS Team

  2. Annelize (verified owner)

    Excellent and quick service. Very happy with the product.

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