About ER Tags

What is this?

IT’S ME, my ID!!

Our emergency ID Tags/ Medic ID, Medical Bracelets are the latest development and add-on ITEM to any Sport , Adventure or Lifestyle activity. These Emergency ID Tags are extremely popular in other parts of the world and worn by high profile Olympic Athletes making a New fashion statement with modern Sport outfits and Active wear.

Most of all, the Emergency ID Tags are lifesavers and make Life easier for the Doctor or Paramedic with medical assessment & treatment.

The ER ID Tags can SPEAK for YOU when you cannot speak for yourself.

Our emergency Id Tags are imported to Bloemfontein, South Africa from where we do the branding and the distributing. There are a variety of emergency ID Tags options for everyone from 3 years to 300 years old.

Much time was spent on research for the BEST QUALITY silicone straps which has a soft feel and is made of a very strong unique silicone which matches skin temperatures in minutes. This makes the strap feel virtually invisible. Participation with a strap on, is comfortable and no longer a problem.

The actual TAG for all the ID Information is made of stainless steel and curved to fit the wrist perfectly. There are a few options of Tags depending on the width and choice of the strap.
All the Tags are Laser engraved with one of the world’s Best Laser machines which marks the Tags permanently but discretely.

The bracelets have clasps made of stainless steel and has an excellent feel of quality.



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