Emergency Medical Tags and Bracelets – It speaks when you can’t


Emergency Situations

Emergency Situation

Emergency  Medical Tags – Always on you.

Safe your life

Life Saving

The right information, can save your life.

Emergency Medical Tags - Strong and durable clasp

Strong and Durable

Best quality silicone straps, stainless steel tags and laser engraving.


Emergency Medical Tags and Bracelets you can order

Tags are laser engraved with your personalized information. You can order and customize your tag online. View all products here

We have gift cards available if you want to buy a bracelet for someone else. The recipient can then place an order for their own customized tag.

Who will speak on your behalf in an emergency situation?

Will a paramedic know?

  • Your name
  • Special care needed due to a medical condition
  • Your medical aid details
  • What hospital to take you to (private / public)
  • Your emergency (ICE) contacts

Who needs this?

  • Persons with medical conditions that need specialised care, for example: Allergies, Diabetes, Heart conditions, Transplants and physical disabilities
  • Elderly people to assist in identification, especially when suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers Disease
  • Young children to provide contact details of parents
  • Outdoor sport enthusiasts such as cyclists, runners and extreme sport athletes
  • Drivers and reps who may have a higher risk for vehicle accidents due to the travelling nature of their jobs

How to order:

  1. You can order and pay for the product online. We use a safe payment gateway that will ensure that your transaction and credit card details are secure. You can provide all your information to be engraved with this quick and easy online method.
  2. Download the order form which you can complete and send manually to us:
    1. Download the form here: ER Tag Order Form
    2. Complete all information
    3. Make a payment with your name as reference
    4. Email or fax the form and proof of payment to us. Contact details below
    5. We will contact you to confirm order

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